Have you met my friend Steve Mcgarrett? #h5o

Thrilled to meet him! I was so excited, I just ran up to him and said, "Hi, I'm Noelle!" I looked especially crazed with two sty eyes.

I also may or may not have mentioned to him that my aunt was "carjack lady" in the pilot... (see second picture). Yeah. (Also: Can you see the resemblance?)

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Next time, get him on video saying "Book'em Danno" for your dad.
Awesome! good thing he didnt have his taser with him(joke).its a beautifull pic,and quite a story to tell the grandkids.
Nice picture and yes cool show, love your posts. Love to go to Hawaii one of these days. Your reminding me of another cool posterous user Krystyn Chong and social media extraordinaire.
Alex, thanks for the kind words! I'll have to check out Krystyn's posterous. Got a link?

Thanks, Loafers! One for the books indeed.

Adrian: Indeed!