Received my first CSA box this week!

I thought I'd try out a local community supported agriculture program called Farm to Fresh. Every other week (which is the cadence I've chosen), they deliver to my doorstep a small box of fruits and vegetables—about six varieties for $25. Everything is organic, and a significant amount, especially in the summers, is from the program's own farm. The thought of supporting farmers makes me happy. 

I am somewhat charmed by the box's content. This week it was lettuce, beets, carrots, apricots, pluots, tomatoes, and summer squash.

The only mystery to me is how should we eat the summer squash? I've never cooked squash before, and these are much smaller than the ones I think I've seen in the store. Suggestions, anyone?

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One of my favorite squash recipes goes something like this: The recipe on that site calls for vegetarian sausage, but I would use real sausage (preferably from a local farm).

Also, you get two huge thumbs up for joining a CSA. I get so stoked when I hear about more and more people building relationships with farmers. Bon Appétit!

Ratatouille! :D Hehe. Love that you're getting a CSA, too :D
hi noelle! i was reading holykaw and i saw a noellechun had posted... and then i was like i wonder if thats the noelle chun i know...and behold it is you! glad to see another posterous user! :)