I Ate at the Google Cafeteria, Suckas

All thanks to the graces of the 8 count crew, especially Anthony (who
hosted), Tim (who coordinated) and Joseph (who drove). All provided quality

OK, in the picture, you see the free bikes googles give employees to
traverse the mothership--I mean, large business headquarters.

The food selection was so varied! Chinese, Japanese, Indian, salads...you
can see the fresh hamachi maki on the plate. And all the fancy drinks a girl
could want--this included several selections of Honest Tea and natural
sodas. I chose gingseng coke. ^_^

Then to a noodle bar with Josh...I got the spicy beef noodle soup. It was
OK. Pretty, but wish it had more flavor.

Finally, Fraiche, of course. Yummmy. Natural yogurt with homemade mochi.
Josh had normal yogurt with granola.