Fixing My Car + Cool New Japanese Restaurant in Redwood City

Sebastien and Joseph put in helping hands when I lost my student ID down a
crevice in my car! Oh no! But luckily, with Joseph's car training, and
Sebastien's adeptness, we got it out. Whew.

Then had a pleasant dinner at this Japanese restaurant in Redwood City.
Round tables were sprawled in the middle of the floor, like a café, and we
sat at a booth against the wall. There was a Japanese guy singing jazz by
the front door. The owner said the place was new, and they are working on
putting up a full bar in the future.

The food was a good deal. I got a whole tray (seen in the picture) for only
$8. And Josh was able to find vegetarian options, which is usually difficult
at Japanese restaurants. It's not quite a super authentic place, but a fun
place nonetheless. I'd go back.