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nice butter patties. now start fillin' dem wine glasses. hehe
poke on a spoon,awesome! i take 5 please.
thats a big chard glass...small pour. oh right,just a tasting....
looks good. multiple wines paired with each dish?
hi, Greg! yes, there were four wines that night.

we opened with a champagne (really crisp because it was 100 percent chardonnay). then we tried three wines: a chardonnay (non-sparkling!), a pinot noir, and a cabernet.

part of the purpose of the dinner was to experiment with how different wines taste in different glasses. so we tried each of those wines in a pinot glass, cabernet glass, chardonnay glass, and what our host called a "joker" glass -- a kind of short, shallow, and thick wine glass, the type you typically see in byob chinese restaurants.

then we went back, and the chef had paired each dish with one of the wines we had tried. a soybean and scallop salad to complement the chard. buttery salmon to pair with the pinot. and boneless veal chop in a brown sauce to go with the cab. finally, a warm apple tart in a puff pastry served over a pool of vanilla sauce to accompany some honest hot coffee. :-)

a delectable night overall!

the lesson i learned is that the glass truly matters when you're drinking a wine. the fine wines we had that night all tasted cheap in the joker glass (thus the name). the wine lost the nose entirely and became acid and sweet. the other glasses also made each wine taste drastically different, and call it the power of suggestion, but it really did seem that each glass was shaped to cater to the particular smell and taste.

looks like i might have to take a trip to ross to get the right glasses.

i am so thankful to our host for an amazing night.

Loafers, your last comment made me laugh out loud. Yes, just a tasting! The poke was delicious, too.

I've never been to such a fancy wine tasting before!