Haupia rootbeer float

So this looks gross, but I swear, it's actually really delicious. In a brilliant moment, Dave came up with the idea of adding haupia ice cream (made with real coconut milk) to A&W Rootbeer. Unlike ice cream with real milk, the soda doesn't get all chunky. Instead, it's one smooth sip of frothy coconut. 

Oh. Em. Gee. 

Josh makes an iced coffee shaken in a Boston shaker

When we make iced coffee from fresh brew, the problems are obvious: pour it over ice and the cubes melt so quickly that very soon you have a watery mess. Our solution is to make it like a cocktail. Shake it up with milk, raw sugar, cracked ice, and a few large cubes. It creates a nice foam too.

Coffee: Peets Sumatra

(side note: the coffee is sitting in a singapore sling glass I got from the Raffles Hotel!)

Latte Macchiato: My New Peets Favorite!

On weekends, especially, when I am trying to wean myself from caffeine, the latte macchiato is my new favorite: a big plume of steamed milk and a smooth half shot of espresso. It's especially good with Peet's careful attention to quality froth, and the half shot of espresso ensures you get only the best part of the shot. Yummmyy. Of course when the cruel work week hits, it's strong black coffee all the way!