Tai Pan

Went to Tai Pan with my cousin and aunt. Had a delightful ginseng soup,
which was deep with flavor. Yum. Also enjoyed some tender pea shoots and
beef chow fun. Sebastien went all out and sipped on a Shirley Temple.

Jennifer's Goodbye Party

I'm disappointed that some of these pictures came out blurry. It must have
been the excitement.

Feast your eyes on Jennifer's goodbye party at Korea House in Santa Clara!!!
Oh, a Korean food dream. Sooo yummmy. Whew, talk about food coma after that.

Bon voyage, Jennifer!

Egg in Bread

Joe made this for me. He buttered both sides of the bread and then cut a
little square out and dropped an egg in. I put a slice of American cheese on
top. Delicious!!! I tried to replicate at home. It is not the same.

Omurice/Ketchup Rice

The last few dishes of ketchup rice were so good I wanted to try making it at home. I do recall a failed attempt in London which involved rice and ketchup in a pan. But this was different. We were going to do it this time.

Joseph and Wynne helped cook. We used chicken, spam (lite), peas, bean sprouts, frozen corn, green onions, garlic a bit of chicken broth, egg, and, of course, ketchup.

I decided to mix the egg in. It's too hard to make an omelet, and it makes eating more clumsy. So in it went.

SUCCESS! Oh, sweet, sweet success. We also mixed it some korean chili paste, which made it GREAT. Although I put in it too much and it made me cry.

Also splurged on a bit of these cherries. Joseph remembered he had some Baileys in the back of his refrigerator (I guess a previous roommate left it there?), and I muddled a cherry in there. It was good! Like sweet milk before sleep.

In the Name of Saving Money

Food has always been my main expense, which is not to say that I am against
saving money. I am very much into saving money. Otherwise supermarket sales
would not give me that soaring feeling.

But I do like to make good stuff at home. Here we have a type of pasta, a
bit hastily thrown together, so we could go mini golfing for Erin's b-day.
Here we have soy sausage, onions, garlic and canned spaghetti sauce.

Also, a homemade gimlet (for me!) and Americano (campari, ew).

Thai Noodle Restaurant...in the Tenderloin

Which is apparently right near the Civic Center, where I had gone to an
opera dress rehearsal. I was quite upset when I learned what a bad area we
were in. Well, now I know.

Besides the danger, the food here wasn't bad. I got pad kee mao, which was
spicy and tasty. The seating was a bit, hmm, how do you say, ghetto. We got
seated at a table with a couple. Kind of weird. But not insurmountable in
the name of food.